Bergen port, Cruise Norway create for platform for COVID measures


The platform, which represents most Norwegian ports, destinations and attractions, according to Cruise Norway, offers an overview of the COVID-19 situation at locations frequented by cruise ships throughout the country, and the measures in place at local attractions and implemented by activity providers.

Four contamination scenarios are defined for each port. Each of these tiers describes the current situation at the destination and which measures have to be in place for operations to occur there.

Measures already implemented are also represented.

Destinations, ports and agents can link to the platform, which will be updated ‘as long as the coronavirus situation in Norway requires adjusted measures,’ Cruise Norway said.

Preparing for international tourists

The Norwegian government is currently easing infection control measures, and coastal cruises are permitted with restrictions.

Passengers are not allowed ashore unless they originate from one of the government’s ‘green countries.’

A maximum of 2,000 people are allowed on board vessels defined as ‘protected,’ with vessels able to use up to 90% of their capacity.

If passengers and crew are ‘unprotected,’ a cap of 200 people will be introduced for cruises along the Norwegian coast and Svalbard, with testing required ahead of departure.

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